Risk Management Alumni

After attending one of our risk management trainings, we hope that you're better equipped to assist your organization in its risk management journey and that you’ve been able to build greater awareness of risk into your organizational culture and planning. 

Whether you’ve been able to make some meaningful progress or feel that you’re still at the starting line, we wanted to let you know: Risk management is a journey, and IntegralOrg is here to go the distance with you.

Our risk management program is designed to help leaders, staff, and volunteers to think critically and proactively about risk - and to help build a culture of risk management and risk management champions within your organization. 

Check out the opportunities below.


Alumni discounts

A perk for past participants! If your organization has already had someone attend our introductory Embracing Risk training and would like to send another team member to participate, they are eligible for the alumni discount of $25 off returning tickets. Use Discount Code: ALUMNI25.

For all past participants of our introductory Embracing Risk training, you are eligible for the alumni discount of $15 off any Engaging Risk Learning Series workshop ticket for yourself or anyone from your organization. Use Discount Code: ALUMNI15.


Certificates of completion

Would you like a certificate of completion for IntegralOrg risk management training that you completed in the past? Email Liz Tang, Program Coordinator, at liz@integralorg.ca to get yours. 


Risk Management Toolkit

If you haven’t had the chance to visit our new Risk Management Toolkit, it is both a comprehensive tool and educational resource for your whole organization. The toolkit contains a series of quizzes to assess your organization’s capacity to manage risk. Your results will generate a customized dashboard to support the risk management champions in your organization to track and monitor their progress in the development of best practices and proactive strategies within major categories of risk.

Customized Training

Risk Management training can be customized in length and format to fit your preferences and tailored to your organization’s unique circumstances. Depending on your needs, the training can focus on general approaches to risk management or strategic risk, governance risk, cyber risk - or a combination of all of these.  If customized training for your organization is of interest to you, please contact Mike Grogan, IntegralOrg President & CEO, at mike@integralorg.ca or call 587-323-4572.

Free Consultations

Every nonprofit comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. And as a nonprofit leader, if you have a question or issue about risk management, a free consultation can be a good option for finding solutions. A consultation can either be a virtual/phone conversation about your issue or, if you are looking for a more in-depth discussion, a “clinic,” a 1-hour problem-solving session with IntegralOrg’s experts. If you would like a consultation, give us a call at 403-910-7279, connect by email, or use the Contact Us form.