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December 3 – registration opens.

Be sure to book your spot on the 3rd as space is limited!



December 3 – registration opens.

Be sure to book your spot on the 3rd as space is limited!

Edmonton January 31, 2019

Calgary January 24, 2019

Financial Management for Churches

IntegralOrg invites you to join Betty Thompson, FCPA, FCGA, and Stella Penner FCPA, FCGA, CA  as they share their expertise on a number of financial management issues they have seen in their work with churches as auditors and consultants.

This day will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the importance of strong financial management. It will also provide the opportunity to discuss how to effectively communicate your financial policies and processes to your staff, Board and volunteers.

Churches - Who’s in Charge?

  • Defining roles and responsibilities.
  • What can I expect as a volunteer, board member, or Pastor of a church?

We Know You do Good Work! 
But, are all your activities aligned with your charitable purposes and what are the risks if they aren’t?

Your Internal Controls – Can you trust them?

  • Do you have the right policies and controls in place?
  • How are you handling your offerings?
  • Are you being safe with your management of cheques, petty cash and disbursements?
  • Are you monitoring your investments and property?
  • Are you following the law with regards to your personnel and payroll practices?
  • Are you in compliance around your computer files and paper records?

Tax Receipts – Dos and Don’ts

  • Do you have systems in place to ensure that you are only issuing receipts for eligible cash or in-kind gifts?
  • Do your receipts include all mandatory elements?
  • Are you protecting your church from the fraudulent use of receipts?

Understanding the Registered Charities Information Return

  • What are CRA expectations of charities with respect to submission of its annual Registered Charity Information Return (T3010)? 
  • What are some strategies and tools that will assist your church volunteers, staff and Board to meet these expectations?
  • IntegralOrg is a registered charity that provides knowledge to the not for profit sector through training and coaching.

Registration opens the week of December 3, 2018.

Book your spot on December 3 as space is limited!

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