Every charity or nonprofit comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges.

A clinic is a free one-on-one problem-solving session about a specific issue of concern to your nonprofit or charity. 

We can assist with issues related to governance, legal compliance, financial management, strategic planning, change management, risk management - or any other pressing need your organization has.

A few examples of issues that we've helped nonprofits and charities with in a clinic setting:

  • attaining charitable status
  • financial statements and CRA audit readiness
  • rewriting bylaws
  • governance and board issues
  • strategic planning process
  • minimizing risks/risk management
  • growing pains - how to navigate change
  • COVID-19-related issues   

A clinic is typically about one hour in length. During "typical" times, clinics are held in-person; during COVID-19, clinics are held remotely.

If you are interested in a clinic for your organization, please call 403-910-7279 or connect by email.

Before the clinic, we will ask for some detailed information about your organization so we can be fully informed and ready to problem-solve. To access the information form, please click on the button below. The form is quite detailed, so if you have any questions as you are completing it, please call 403-910-7279 or connect by email.


Clinic Information Form