Nonprofit governance is challenging work whether for a board as a whole or individual board directors.

Governance is the process of providing strategic leadership to a nonprofit organization. The board is responsible for "all aspects of the organization, including overseeing its operations and holding management accountable for delivering on the mission of the organization."1 

While the board oversees all aspects of the nonprofit's management and operations, individual directors also have responsibilities. Directors are obliged to exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances (“duty of care”) and act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of the organization (“fiduciary duty”.)2


Check out these governance-focused videos - each is an excerpt from a webinar or presentation on governance and board health.

Featured video: Nonprofit Governance: Issues in Nonprofit Boards  (4:17) This short video looks at five common issues in nonprofit boards. Understanding the principles of high-funtioning board and board governance is integral to the smooth and effective running of any nonprofit organization.  

Video: Nonprofit Governance: Board Roles and Responsibilities (4:40)

Video: Nonprofit Governance: Director Duties (8:45)

Video: Nonprofit Governance: Roles of Board, Senior Executive, and Staff (7:19)

Get Help with Governance and Board Health

IntegralOrg has a range of custom services that can help your nonprofit develop effective governance processes.

Free Consultation or Legal Clinic

Consultation: If you have a question about governance or board functioning, we are happy to offer our expertise through a free consultation.

Legal Clinic: The legal aspects of running a nonprofit are complex. In a legal clinic, you can chat with a lawyer with decades of experience in the nonprofit sector about your governance issue. For example, you may want a legal perspective on whether your board policies or bylaws are complete. 

To arrange a consultation or legal clinic, give us a call at 403-910-7279, connect by email, or use the Contact Us form and we will arrange a phone or virtual meeting with a member of our team.

Organizational Development Services

If you have a need for in-depth solutions, IntegralOrg can work directly with your nonprofit. We work alongside your organization, through customized supports that assist you on your journey as a nonprofit. Please contact us at 403-910-7279 or connect by email. Organizational development is undertaken on a fee-for-service basis. 

Board Evaluation Surveys

Board Evaluation Survey:  A survey that gathers input about the performance, and function of the board of directors of your organization in order to develop a common understanding of overall governance performance within the organization as well as areas of strength and weakness for the board of directors to consider in their development process. 

Board Skills Evaluation: An evaluation that determines the current skills and experience composition of your board and provides a policy for how a Skills and Experience Matrix may be incorporated into ongoing board recruitment processes. 

Governance Review

A review of governance in your organization that includes understanding the current legal framework and governance requirements; determining the existing governance policies that are in place; discussing practices for improved governance; and making recommendations on required updates and additions to governance policies.

Board Education Session

A board education session focusing on topics such as board director’s fiduciary and legal responsibilities, roles and responsibilities, and the role of the board in strategy and operations. An educational session builds unity and focus among the board; educates the board and staff on principles of board governance; and helps the team work towards a common understanding of the style of governance that will be used.

Board and CEO Coaching

In-depth coaching with the board and the executive director/CEO to clarify roles and responsibilities and build high-functioning relationships and strong governance practices.


1, 2. From Governance for Not-for-Profit Organizations: Questions to Ask: Second Edition. Don Taylor. Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. 


Learn about Governance

INTRO to Governance: Principles of good governance for nonprofits

For information on nonprofit boards, watch this video (60 minutes.)

This education session covers the role of the board, director responsibilities, relationship between board, senior executive, and staff, and the three areas of board responsibility – fiduciary, strategic, and generative.

Governance Workshops

IntegralOrg offers workshops on nonprofit governance and other topics important to nonprofits including INTEGRALIntro introductory workshops.


Annual General Meetings: A primer for Alberta nonprofits. Yvonne Chenier, June 20, 2022



The Board Development ProgramAlberta-based resources for nonprofit governance.

Chartered Professional Accountants of CanadaA wide range of high quality and up-to-date resources on nonprofit finance, governance, and human resources.

BoardSource: Provides leaders with an extensive range of tools, resources, and research data to increase board effectiveness and strengthen organizational impact. An American resource.