Finance Workshops

Financial management is key to a sustainable nonprofit organization. This series of webinars focuses on financial management and processes in a practical way. 2024 workshop options are under development and will be available for registration in December 2023.

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The Nonprofit Treasurer's Role in Practice
Check back for Summer/Fall 2024 dates

The treasurer is an essential team member of every nonprofit board – they help ensure that the organization is financially healthy. But what does that mean in practice and what kind of knowledge and skills does it take to be a capable treasurer?

Whether you are a new treasurer or looking to recruit a quality treasurer, you’ll come away equipped with the basic knowledge about the treasurer’s role from an experienced nonprofit financial expert.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore the diverse ways nonprofits interpret and apply the treasurer role through example bylaws.
  • Understand the key skills essential for a treasurer’s success.
  • Know key accounts to watch and how nonprofit financial statements differ from for-profit financial statements.
  • Learn strategies to keep the treasurer’s role manageable: defining responsibilities and effectively managing demands. 

GST Basics for Nonprofits and Charities
Check back for Summer/Fall 2024 dates

Did you know that GST obligations and entitlements are very different for charities than they are for nonprofits? Learn about the key differences, rebates, input tax credits, and other important GST rules to help you maximize recoveries and identify common GST mistakes!

During the session, we’ll discuss topics such as:

  • Which revenues should be subject to GST collection?
  • When and how can you claim rebates or input tax credits?
  • Which type of organizations are subject to non-standard GST rebate rates?
  • When do simplified reporting rules apply?

This 90-minute webinar is interactive and includes additional time for participant questions. Whether your organization is currently building your GST management systems or you’re in need of a refresher, this webinar is designed for anyone who has a hand in your organization’s GST: board members, staff, and volunteers alike.

Get Audit Ready
Check back for Summer/Fall 2024 dates

Nonprofits and charities are under more scrutiny than ever before. Every stakeholder – from grantors and board members to the public media – expects nonprofit and charitable organizations to uphold their mission in a financially responsible way.

Not sure if your organization needs an audit? Check out the short video below in which instructor Stella Penner provides a brief introduction to audits.

You will learn from an accountant with decades of nonprofit and teaching experience about the ins and outs of the auditing process with added time for any participant questions. This webinar is suitable for anyone who has a hand in your organization’s finances: senior leadership or board and audit committee members. During the session, we'll discuss such topics as:

  • Differing roles in the audit process: the auditor, the board or finance committee and management
  • What to expect ahead of, during, and after the audit and the typical timeline from start to finish
  • Why does the auditor ask so many questions?
  • Is there anything we can do to improve the efficiency of the process and help keep fees reasonable?

Cost: $10-30. We recognize that smaller organizations lack equitable access to the financial resources needed for professional development. We have provided 3 ticket pricing options that provide full access to the workshop. We invite you to choose a rate that is best aligned with your ability to pay.

Video: A Brief Introduction to Audits for Nonprofits (4:59)

Essential Processes for Nonprofit Budgeting
Check back for Summer/Fall 2024 dates

Want to make sure the budgeting processes of your nonprofit or charitable organization are on track? This session is designed for organizations that are looking to further develop or modify their budgeting process or for newer organizations who want to start off their budgeting on the right foot.

This webinar will be highly interactive with time for participant questions and is suitable for anyone who has a hand in budgeting: staff or volunteers, senior leadership or board members.

During the session, we’ll discuss topics such as:

  • the purposes of budgeting for nonprofit context
  • the role of budgets as part of planning
  • how budgets prepared for specific funding agencies fit into your organization’s overall budget
  • linking the budget to the accounting system
  • using budget to actual comparisons throughout the year

You will hear from our content expert Stella Penner, FCPA, FCGA, CA who has decades of experience providing financial reporting support to charities and nonprofits directly and as a full-time instructor in financial and management accounting, audit, finance, and organizational design and analysis at universities and colleges in Edmonton and Calgary.

Watch past events!

INTRO to Finance: The controls and policies every nonprofit needs
Thursday, August 24, 2023

This workshop provides an overview of the basics of nonprofit financial responsibilities, controls, and policies including: the respective roles of the board, the treasurer and the bookkeeper or accountant; financial information that the board needs to make informed financial decisions; the purpose of “internal controls” and key controls to put in place; and how budgeting relates to internal controls. Watch the video.