Financials Series

Financial management is key to a sustainable nonprofit organization. This series of webinars focuses on financial management and processes in a practical way. 

First in the series is the free webinar Intro to Financials: The controls and policies every nonprofit needs. You can watch a recording of this webinar below.

The two topics that were most chosen by participants for in-depth follow-up webinars were Budgeting and GST. A budgeting webinar - Essential Processes for Nonprofit Budgeting - is scheduled for June 15, 2022 and a GST webinar for September 2022.

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Essential Processes for Nonprofit Budgeting
Wednesday, June 15, 1-2:30pm


Want to make sure the budgeting processes of your nonprofit or charitable organization are on track? This session is designed for organizations that are looking to further develop or modify their budgeting process or for newer organizations that want to start off their budgeting on the right foot.  

This webinar will be interactive with time for participant questions and is suitable for anyone who has a hand in budgeting: staff or volunteers, senior leadership or board members.  

During the session, we’ll discuss topics such as:

  • the purposes of budgeting for nonprofit context
  • the role of budgets as part of planning
  • how budgets prepared for specific funding agencies fit into your organization’s overall budget
  • linking the budget to the accounting system
  • using budget to actual comparisons throughout the year 

The cost for this session is $30. Two or more registrations from the same organization receive a discount of $3 per ticket. Use discount code SECONDSAVE3 during registration.

A Zoom link will be sent to all registrants prior to the event.


GST Basics for Nonprofits and Charities
Tentative Date: Wednesday, September 21, 1-2:30pm


GST processes are not only complicated but are very different for nonprofits than for charities. This session will provide an overview of the basics. A more detailed description of this session and registration information will forthcoming.

Registration is coming soon.


Trainer:These webinars are led by Stella Penner, FCPA, FCGA, CA. Stella has decades of experience providing financial reporting and governance support to charities and nonprofits. Previously, Stella held various roles in professional development and as a full-time instructor in financial and management accounting, audit, finance, and organizational design and analysis at universities and colleges in Edmonton and Calgary. Stella also has executive experience as a prior CEO of CGA Alberta.


Past Events...

INTRO to Financials: The controls and policies every nonprofit needs

This free workshop from April 28, 2022 was part of the INTEGRALIntros series and provided an overview of the basics of financial responsibilities, controls, and policies that every nonprofit should know about.

To watch the recording, click here.

Some of the topics included are:

  • What are the respective roles of the board, the treasurer and the bookkeeper or accountant?
  • What financial information does a board typically need to make informed financial decisions?
  • What is the purpose of “internal control” and what are some key controls we can put in place?
  • How does budgeting relate to internal controls?