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Getting Together: What Alberta Nonprofits Need to Know about the Legal Aspects of Amalgamation, Merger, and Consolidation

JUNE 29 / Yvonne Chenier
As organizations move from the initial response to the crisis to begin to visualize and plan strategically for the future, some may decide that they want to seek out other organizations to “get together with” to maximize impact on the communities they serve and the resources that are available.

Pandemic Pivot: Engaging Social Entrepreneurship to Adapt in a Time of Crisis

JUNE 8 / Kristina Roberts
While the world economy is facing unprecedented challenges, and the unemployment rate in Canada and many other countries is soaring, there are still reasons to be hopeful ... I suggest that this is a time in which nonprofit and charitable organizations can also pivot their operations and explore opportunities to diversify their revenue sources.

Embracing Crisis with Discipline

APRIL 23 / Mike Grogan
There is little doubt that we are in a crisis. Our lives, both personally and professionally, confront this reality daily. At home and in our organizations, the stresses and challenges of working and living in a seemingly unending pandemic are manifold. Crisis has come to define much of our existence. As we enter month two of this reality, our modes of working are settling into a new norm. While we know that this state of crisis cannot last, the roadmap for moving forward remains unclear.

Alberta Nonprofits, COVID-19, and AGMs: Can we hold a virtual AGM?

APRIL 2 / Yvonne Chenier
“I am a Director of a nonprofit and our AGM is coming up soon. I heard that because of the COVID-19 situation, some larger Canadian corporations and banks have had to apply to court to allow them to hold their annual general meetings “virtually” and not in person. How do I know if my organization can hold a virtual meeting?”

In Times of Change: The nonprofit shift from response to recovery

MARCH 31 / Mike Grogan
The past weeks have been a whirlwind for nonprofits. In a matter of days, the pandemic changed both the ways we work and the environment we work within . . . . But in any disaster or wide-scale public emergency, there is a period when organizations and the community as a whole move from response to recovery.