Risk Management

As managers, board members and staff of nonprofit organizations, we all face questions of how to prepare our organizations for the future. Every day we are presented with potential threats and opportunities in our ability to deliver on mission and be of service to our communities.  

With the right tools and resources and some time to think it through, effective risk management is readily within grasp for any organization, large or small. At IntegralOrg, our goal is to help leaders of organizations of all sizes to think critically and proactively about risk, moving beyond some of the traditional approaches towards an accessible, ongoing, and collaborative culture around risk management.  

Risk Management planning allows organizations to prepare for uncertainty
and build resiliency with greater foresight of potential disruptions. 

Our suite of supports will help your organization build a dynamic framework for identifying, assessing, planning for, and responding to common risks related to people, assets, finances, programs, reputation, as well as other unique risks to your operations. Going beyond a written plan, board and staff will work together to build the culture, processes, and structures required to effectively manage potential threats and opportunities.  

You will find that assessing risk isn’t only about planning for what could go wrong but also anticipating what could go right; ensuring your organization is embracing the most appropriate risks with staff and board working from the same page. Get started with our introductory training and check back for more training opportunities and a new Risk Management Toolkit, coming in Spring 2021.




Effective risk management is an important investment in the face of continuing uncertainty; it is worth the effort and is essential to advancing the missions of the organizations we serve. 

Whether you know that your organization needs a risk management plan but are not sure where to start or you have some basics in place and want to take your plan to the next level, this training will provide you with the building blocks for a comprehensive and effective risk management plan, customized for your organization and its unique risk profile.  


Embracing Risk: Building Blocks of Risk Management

Designed for management, board, and staff, this training is divided into two half-day sessions, held two weeks apart to allow for reflection and integration as you learn. Organizations are encouraged to register with two participants, one from each of their board and staff teams.  

This is a highly participatory workshop, incorporating your real-life situations and pulling from the experience of the group. Participants should come ready to engage with interactive group work and live discussion with the facilitator.    

Two half-day sessions: Cost $150 (second registrant from an organization: $125) 

Session 1:  An overview of risk management, the process, and useful tools and resources to identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks for your organization. 

Session 2:  Emerging risks for the nonprofit sector, strategies to mitigate against the most important risks facing your organization, the role of the Board, and how to inspire a risk aware culture. 

Upcoming Dates

September Workshop: Session 1: Thursday, September 16, 9am-12pm; Session 2: Thursday, September 30, 9am-12pm

October Workshop: Session 1: Wednesday, October 13, 9am-12pm; Session 2: Wednesday, October 27, 9am-12pm   

Registration for the workshop includes Sessions 1 and 2. Attendance at both sessions is required for participants to gain the full benefit of the training. The group will be limited to 16 participants. 

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Engaging Risk Learning Series:Cyber Risk

This workshop is the first in an ongoing learning series delving into specific categories of risk that nonprofits and charities told us are top-of-mind in the advancement of their risk management planning.

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital environment, and nonprofits and charities of all sizes are especially susceptible in ways you might not suspect.

There are many serious risks associated with operating and storing information online, and the overall fatigue facing the sector may contribute to a lack of informed behavior in the digital space. With employees working from home and many programs shifting to virtual delivery, are you taking the necessary steps to keep your organization safe? Do you know what to do in the event of a breach, or how to engage your Board in the governance and oversight of cybersecurity risk? 

Designed for operational-level leadership staff and executive directors who have a solid understanding of the basics of risk management, this training will focus on identifying, protecting, and responding to cybersecurity risks. We recommend prior participation in IntegralOrg's Building Blocks of Effective Risk Management to gain a foundational understanding of risk management.

Presented in conjunction with cyber risk experts, this training is divided into two half-day sessions, held one week apart to allow for reflection and integration as you learn. Full of tools, tips and resources, the workshop will be highly interactive and incorporate real-life situations.

Two half-day sessions: Cost $200

Session 1:  This session will have an operational focus: an overview and framework for approaching cyber risk, responsibilities and expectations of staff and IT support providers, and useful tools to identify your organization’s current cyber risks and vulnerabilities and build protection against them. We will be joined by Greg McKiernan, CEO of DeltaForm Technologies, which helps nonprofit organizations and small businesses with network security, administration, cybersecurity, and solution optimization.

Session 2: This session will have a governance and management focus: responding to and recovering from threats and attacks, the benefits and limitations of cybersecurity insurance, and roles and responsibilities between leadership and Board. Participants will work in groups to formulate a response to a hypothetical cyber-attack, and prepare a cybersecurity briefing to the Board in support of their role in governance and oversight. We will be joined by Charles Buchanan, CEO of Technology Helps, a Calgary-based Canadian social enterprise that aims to end technology poverty in the nonprofit sector. 

Upcoming Dates

Check back for Fall 2021 dates,

Registration for the workshop includes Sessions 1 and 2. Attendance at both sessions is required for participants to gain the full benefit of the training. The group will be limited to 16 partipants.



Trainer Leslie Tamagi has more than 25 years experience as CEO of diverse organizations and understands firsthand the complex challenges facing management, staff, and boards in the nonprofit sector. In 2007, she received a Muttart Foundation Fellowship to study risk management in the sector. For more than a decade she has worked with nonprofit organizations, providing training and supporting them through their risk management journeys. She is passionate about supporting leaders to be successful and is currently consulting in the nonprofit sector in many aspects of leadership, including risk management.   




Coming Soon

New Risk Management Toolkit  Your organization will be guided through a series of questions to assess your preparedness for various threats to generate a customized, interactive dashboard that your team can use to support risk management planning within your organization and track your progress in building risk preparedness.   

We are looking for organizations willing to participate in testing and provide
feedback prior to the toolkit’s release. 

Email julia@integralorg.ca to lend your insights to our work.   

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