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We offer education and support in foundational areas like governance, legal compliance, financial management, strategic planning, change management, and risk management.

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Take Time to Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst: Top Risks Facing Nonprofits in 2021

NOVEMBER 19 / Leslie Tamagi
As the pandemic wears on without imminent relief, the risks that all nonprofits are facing are continuing to shift. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to wait until things calm down, we need to expend resources preparing for these emerging risks now. Robust discussions with your Board and staff on the top risks will be a worthwhile investment in your future.

My Risk Management Planning Experience: Some Roadblocks

NOVEMBER 4 / Julia Newbury
While risk management planning had been prioritized at multiple levels of the organization, the culture that guided the process was primarily focused on documentation; doing it so that we could say it was done, and reporting the “completion” of our plans back up the chain. Despite significant effort and resources expended, we never reached the point of a comprehensive risk management plan coordinated across departments, that could be collectively and collaboratively implemented when needed.  

Rethinking Risk Management: Lessons Learned and a Need for a New Approach

SEPTEMBER 22 / Leslie Tamagi
We are living in unprecedented, challenging times. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our organizations and our communities is not the first crisis that we have experienced; and unfortunately, it won’t be our last. But should we have seen it coming? Could we have been better prepared? How can we prepare for an uncertain future and whatever the next disruption will can we be. The time for paying attention to your organization’s risk management practices is now.  
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