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Annual General Meetings: A primer for Alberta nonprofits

JUNE 20 / Yvonne Chenier
Now that we are returning to a more normal way of operating, it may be a good time for Alberta nonprofits to think through the best way to plan for their Annual General Meetings. Should you hold a virtual or an in-person meeting? Are you allowed to hold a virtual meeting? What about hybrid meetings where some people are in the room and some people are attending virtually? How should voting happen?

What you need to know about the proposed Effective and Accountable Charities Act (Bill S-216)

MARCH 10 / Yvonne Chenier
If it is passed in its current form by the Canadian House of Commons and becomes law, Bill S-216 would amend stringent provisions of the Income Tax Act that deal with the permitted use of resources of a registered charity.

New Alberta OHS Act in effect as of December 1, 2021

NOVEMBER 18 / Yvonne Chenier
A new Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act for Alberta takes effect on Dec. 1, 2021. Although the definition of worker will still include “a person who performs or supplies services for no monetary compensation for an organization,”  i.e. a volunteer . . .