Leadership Workshops

The past few years have intensified the long-standing threats to our sector’s ability to deliver on mission with higher demand for services, limited resources, and major shifts to the way we do work. Now more than ever we need to support leaders - the passionate individuals at the helm of their cause - so that we can continue to sustainably serve our communities. 

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The Practice of Leadership for Nonprofits
Thursday, May 9, 2024 

Leaders in the nonprofit sector are dedicated individuals who are passionate about serving their communities and striving in creative ways towards social change. Effective nonprofit leadership is an ongoing journey and intentional practice. Whether you are working on systems level community change, running a nonprofit organization, or leading a team – impactful leadership requires an understanding of self and an openness to learning. This workshop covers: developing leadership within your self, your team, and your community; evolving leadership to meet emerging needs in the nonprofit sector; and responsive leadership - adapting your role to real time. Watch the video.