Leadership Workshops

The past few years have intensified the long-standing threats to our sector’s ability to deliver on mission with higher demand for services, limited resources, and major shifts to the way we do work. Now more than ever we need to support leaders - the passionate individuals at the helm of their cause - so that we can continue to sustainably serve our communities.

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The Practice of Leadership for Nonprofits: Nurturing your capacity to lead your team, your organization, and your community
Wednesday, June 14, 1-2pm with Mike Grogan and Leslie Tamagi

Leaders in the nonprofit sector - at any level of an organization - are a breed unto their own. They are dedicated individuals who are passionate about serving their communities and striving in creative ways towards social change.

Effective nonprofit leadership is an ongoing journey and intentional practice. Whether you are working on systems level community change, running a nonprofit organization, or leading a team – impactful leadership requires an understanding of self and an openness to learning. 

In this free 1-hour workshop for senior leaders, team leads, and aspiring leaders, Leslie Tamagi and Mike Grogan give an overview of leadership theory balanced with ways to put knowledge into practice. The workshop will also include an introduction to IntegralOrg’s Nonprofit Leadership Development program which is set to launch later this year.

Topics include:

  • Developing leadership within your self, your team, and your community
  • Evolving leadership to meet emerging needs in the nonprofit sector
  • Responsive leadership: adapting your role to real time

Leslie Tamagi has more than 25 years' experience as CEO of diverse organizations and understands firsthand the complex challenges facing management, staff, and boards in the nonprofit sector. For more than a decade she has worked with nonprofit organizations, providing training and supporting them through their risk management journeys. She is passionate about supporting leaders to be successful and is currently consulting in the nonprofit sector in many aspects of leadership, including risk management.   

Mike Grogan, IntegralOrg President and CEO, has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years and is recognized for his ability to inspire nonprofit organizations to tackle complex issues and create sustainable solutions to organizational and community issues. Mike’s passion is helping organizations understand the ever-evolving ecosystem and working with organizational teams to build capacities to respond and adapt to a changing environment. From program lifecycle analysis, to change management, and sector network development, Mike has worked with diverse stakeholders to design programs and systems to meet the changing needs of nonprofit organizations and of the nonprofit sector.