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We define success as raising the awareness of the need for financial and legal best practice and compliance for as many organizations as possible.  We do this by offering workshops, seminars and clinics across Alberta.

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We offer coaching where there is a need for more in-depth support in governance, legal compliance, financial management and other organizational issues.

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More information about us, and what we do

To contribute to an integrated collaborative support system that builds governance and administrative capacity for registered charities and other not for profit organizations by understanding and applying best practices in governance and day to day operations.

The intent is to reach small to medium charities and not for profits that:

• may be run totally by volunteers, or;

• do not have easy access to experienced professional resources, or;

• are floundering with the current compliance environment, or:

• are in trouble and don’t know where to turn, or;

• are generally in need of administrative education and/or coaching at a board and/or management level.


What can you expect when attending a seminar, workshop, or clinic?

1.   Seminars to raise awareness of issues and develop general knowledge of the topic for participants. Seminars will be a full day with a mix of topics of interest to the specific group.

Topics may include:

• Legal Responsibilities of Charitable Status;

• Accounting Topics & Best Practices;

• How to Read Financial Statements;

• Accounting Standards for Not For Profit Organizations;

• Financial Management for Charities;

• Roles & responsibilities of a board of Directors;

• Risk Management for Charities (including insurance);

• Preparing for Your Financial Audit;

• Financial Stewardship;

• Financial Roles & Responsibilities;

• Finance & the Risks Associated with Minimal Compliance;

• Completing your Income Tax Act of Canada filings;

• The Mystery of GST/HST for Charities;

• Financial Issues-What Boards Need to Know;

• Best practices in budgeting.


2.   Group workshops to facilitate sharing of resources for best practices among or within organizations and to focus on and plan next steps to implement improvements in individual organizations.


3.   Clinics for one on one multi-disciplinary problem solving of legal, governance, management and financial matters in an organization identified as barriers to improvement implementation.