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Seasons Greetings, 2023 Workshops  December 2022

Understanding Director Liability, Challenges of Governance, INTRO to Fundraising, Strategic Risk for Nonprofits  November 2022

Nonprofit workshops: Challenges of Governance: Identifying Board Dysfunction, Essential Processes for Nonprofit Budgeting, Employment Standards, INTEGRALIntros  October 2022

Upcoming trainings for your Alberta nonprofit: Navigating GST(Financials Series); Employment Standards (Legal Series); INTEGRALIntros  September 2022

Fall education and support for your nonprofit; INTEGRALIntros, Financials Series, Governance Series.  August 2022

New nonprofit budgeting webinar, New logo. June 2022

INTEGRALIntros, Essential Processes for Nonprofit Budgeting webinar, Free consultations, INTEGRALTrends. May 2022

INTEGRALIntros: free webinars on topics of interest to nonprofit leaders. Consultations and legal clinics; Risk Management: Governance Risk.  April 2022

Education and support for Alberta nonprofits: Free consultations; free INTEGRALIntros - Introduction to Risk Management workshop; toolkits.  March 2022

Nonprofit leaders: Training and resources for you and your team  January 2022

Season's greetings and upcoming events: Cyber Risk, Nonprofit Symposium  December 2021

Be ready for 2022: Risk Management training and resources for your noprofit  November 2021


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