Risk Management Workshops

We all face questions of how to prepare our organizations for the future. Every day we are presented with potential threats to our ability to deliver on mission and serve community.  

Effective risk management is readily within the grasp of any nonprofit, large or small. Our workshops and tools help you think critically and proactively about risk and build a collaborative culture around risk management in your organization. Some 2024 workshops are available for registration - others are still under development.

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Risk Management Toolkit

IntegralOrg's Risk Management Toolkit is a free, helpful resource that your nonprofit can use to assess its capacity to manage risk.

Through a series of quizzes, the toolkit allows you to assess your organization's capacity to manage Staff & Volunteer Risk; Financial & Funding Risk; External & Reputation Risk; Operational & Program Risk; Governance Risk; Legal & Compliance Risk; and Strategic Risk.

Your organization's customized dashboard supports the risk management champions in your organization to track and monitor the development of best practices and proactive strategies within major categories of risk. 

In addition to the questions and results, the toolkit contains definitions of key terms and legislation, as well as recommendations and resources that will help your organization continue its risk management journey.


Watch past events!

INTRO to Risk Management: Building resilience for nonprofit organizations
Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Risk management allows us to ask the question of whether we are taking the most appropriate risks to effectively and responsibly serve our communities. Discover what risk-aware culture could look like at your nonprofit and gain a deeper understanding of how to plan proactively for both the threats facing your organization day-to-day and the exciting opportunities on your horizon that require bold but risk-informed decision-making. Watch the video.