Risk Management Workshops

As managers, board members and staff of nonprofit organizations, we all face questions of how to prepare our organizations for the future. Every day we are presented with potential threats and opportunities in our ability to deliver on mission and be of service to our communities.  

Risk Management planning allows organizations to prepare for uncertainty and build resiliency with greater foresight of potential disruptions. 

With the right tools and resources and some time to think it through, effective risk management is readily within grasp for any organization, large or small. At IntegralOrg, our goal is to help leaders of organizations of all sizes to think critically and proactively about risk, moving beyond some of the traditional approaches towards an accessible, ongoing, and collaborative culture around risk management. 

Strategic Risk Management for Nonprofits
Thursday, January 26, 9am-12pm

 Is your organization prepared to take strategic risks to advance its mission?

The landscape that nonprofit organizations operate within has changed dramatically over the past three years. Among the many lessons that we have learned is that a vital mission and dedicated staff are not enough to insulate organizations from risk.

Strategic risk management requires thinking about a wide range of future possibilities and being willing to take risks for the good of those you serve in the face of an unknown future. These risks are not managed by rules and policies, but through approaches designed to assess and reduce the probability of negative impacts and leverage opportunities for positive outcomes.

Strategic risks include:

  • Leveraging opportunities to advance your mission
  • Operating without clearly defined strategic priorities
  • Not examining assumptions underlying strategic decisions
  • Not tailoring services based on current and future community needs
  • Not attending to external trends and how they might affect your organization's operation or funding

Cost: $50 (or two tickets for $80.)  Bring a colleague and receive a discount! Use promo code STRATEGY with two tickets in your cart at checkout.

A Zoom link will be sent to all registrants prior to the event.


Leslie Tamagi has more than 25 years experience as CEO of diverse organizations and understands firsthand the complex challenges facing management, staff, and boards in the nonprofit sector. In 2007, she received a Muttart Foundation Fellowship to study risk management in the sector. For more than a decade she has worked with nonprofit organizations, providing training and supporting them through their risk management journeys.

IntegralOrg President and CEO, Mike Grogan, has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years and is recognized for his ability to inspire nonprofit organizations to tackle complex issues and create sustainable solutions to organizational and community issues. Mike’s passion is helping organizations understand the ever-evolving ecosystem and working with organizational teams to build capacities to respond and adapt to a changing environment. From program lifecycle analysis, to change management, and sector network development, Mike has worked with diverse stakeholders to design programs and systems to meet the changing needs of nonprofit organizations and of the nonprofit sector. 

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INTRO to Risk Management: Building resilience for nonprofit organizations

This free workshop is part of the INTEGRALIntros series. This workshop was presented on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

Risk management allows us to ask the question of whether we are taking the most appropriate risks to effectively and responsibly serve our communities. You’ll come away inspired by what a risk-aware culture could look like at your nonprofit, with a deeper understanding of how to plan proactively for both the threats facing your organization day-to-day and the exciting opportunities on your horizon that require bold but risk-informed decision-making. As we emerge from a turbulent chapter, we will explore the lessons we take forward in addressing the top risks facing nonprofits in 2023.

This workshop was presented on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. Click the link to watch the video recording or on the thumbnail below.

Check back here for 2023 dates for this and other Risk Management workshops.

Risk Management Resources

Risk Management Toolkit

IntegralOrg's Risk Management Toolkit is a new resource that helps your nonprofit organization assess its capacity to manage risk through a series of quizzes and a risk management dashboard customized to your organization.  

The toolkit allows you to assess your organization's capacity to manage risk in such categories as: Staff & Volunteer Risk; Financial & Funding Risk; External & Reputation Risk; Operational & Program Risk; Governance Risk; Legal & Compliance Risk; and Strategic Risk.

Each completed quiz generates an indicator on your organization’s dashboard along with a written description of results in that category. The customized dashboard supports the risk management champions in your organization to track and monitor their progress in the development of best practices and proactive strategies within major categories of risk. Overall gauges in Policy, Compliance, and Skills & Competency are influenced by answers across all risk categories.

In addition to the questions and results, the toolkit contains definitions of key terms and legislation, as well as recommendations and resources that will help your organization continue its risk management journey.



Customized Training

Risk Management training can be customized in length and format to fit your preferences and tailored to your organization’s unique circumstances. Depending on your needs, the training can focus on general approaches to risk management or strategic risk, governance risk, cyber risk - or a combination of all of these. If customized training for your organization is of interest to you, please contact Mike Grogan, IntegralOrg President & CEO, at mike@integralorg.ca or call 587-323-4572.

Free Consultations

Every nonprofit comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. And as a nonprofit leader, if you have a question or issue about risk management, a free consultation can be a good option for finding solutions. A consultation can either be a virtual/phone conversation about your issue or, if you are looking for a more in-depth discussion, a “clinic,” a 1-hour problem-solving session with IntegralOrg’s experts. If you would like a consultation, give us a call at 403-910-7279, connect by email (admin@integralorg.ca) or use the Contact Us form.