Engaging Risk Learning Series: Governance Risk

April 4, 2022 9 AM to 12 PM

Engaging Risk Learning Series: Governance Risk
April 4, 2022 9 AM to 12 PM

With Mike Grogan and Leslie Tamagi

May 4, 2022 Cancelled


This group-learning virtual workshop is part of IntegralOrg’s ongoing Engaging Risk Learning Series, where we bring you subject-matter experts to delve into specific categories of risk that are top-of-mind for nonprofits and charities.

Effective governance practices can ‘make’ or ‘break’ a nonprofit mission.
Risk management and good governance go hand in hand.  
- National Risk Management Center

For organizations of every size and scope, taking the time to make sure the board and senior management are aligned on risk and risk management is critical.

As a nonprofit leader, how can you support your board to be a thought partner on your risk management journey? How can you focus your board on the key threats and opportunities related to your strategic priorities? And, as a board member, do you understand your oversight role and how you can fulfill it?  

Recommended for both a member of your board and of the senior staff team attend together to create alignment and a common vision of risk management, this three-hour workshop focuses on governance risk including: 

  • Governance responsibilities and the respective roles of board and senior leaders in effective risk oversight
  • How to build and keep a healthy, well-functioning board
  • Legal and compliance risks facing nonprofits and charities
  • Practical tips to inspire risk leadership  

Facilitators: Mike Grogan, President & CEO of IntegralOrg and Leslie Tamagi, Consultant and Risk Management Trainer for IntegralOrg

Wednesday, May 4, 2022: 9am – 12pm 


What to expect

This is a highly participatory workshop, incorporating your real-life situations and pulling from the experience of the group. Participants should come prepared to share their strategic opportunities and threats and engage with interactive group work and live discussion with the facilitators.


Registration Details

The group will be limited to 16 participants. A zoom link will be sent to all registrants in advance of the training.

Cost: $100, 3 hours instruction + resources & templates.

A certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who attend the session in full.


Discount Opportunities

If anyone from your organization has completed IntegralOrg’s introductory Embracing Risk training, you are eligible for the alumni discount on all Engaging Risk Learning Series workshops. Registration from training alumni: Receive $15 off each Learning Series ticket. Use discount code ALUMNI15.

Organizations are encouraged to register with two participants, one from each of their board and staff teams. Two registrations/same organization: Receive $5 off each ticket. Use discount code SECONDSAVE10.

IntegralOrg CEO, Mike Grogan, has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years and is recognized for his ability to inspire nonprofit organizations to tackle complex issues and create sustainable solutions to organizational and community issues. His skills and experience stem from a diverse background that encompasses leading backcountry wilderness trips, building organizations from the ground up, and developing leading-edge collaborative and capacity-building initiatives. Mike’s passion is helping organizations understand the ever-evolving ecosystem and working with organizational teams to build capacities to respond and adapt to a changing environment. From program lifecycle analysis, to change management, and sector network development, Mike has worked with diverse stakeholders to design programs and systems to meet the changing needs of nonprofit organizations and of the nonprofit sector. 

Trainer Leslie Tamagi has more than 25 years experience as CEO of diverse organizations and understands firsthand the complex challenges facing management, staff, and boards in the nonprofit sector. In 2007, she received a Muttart Foundation Fellowship to study risk management in the sector. For more than a decade she has worked with nonprofit organizations, providing training and supporting them through their risk management journeys. She is passionate about supporting leaders to be successful and is currently consulting in the nonprofit sector in many aspects of leadership, including risk management.