INTEGRALTrends is a video series that looks at the trends and dynamics that impact how we plan, lead, and operate our nonprofits and charities.  As the environment that nonprofits work within continues to shift, leaders need to keep a finger on the pulse of external trends – what’s happening in politics, economics, funding, and the nonprofit sector as a whole – to understand how to best prepare and adapt. 

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A Nudge in the Wrong Direction: Why donation trends matter to your nonprofit

June 8, 2022: Mike Grogan, IntegralOrg President and CEO, talks about the donations trends and how the pandemic has exacerbated the weakening world of charitable donations.

Over the last two years, donations have been challenging for many organizations, with CanadaHelps predicting a 12% decline in charitable giving between 2019 and 2021. Over the last 15 years or so there have been major shifts in how people engage with donations in Canada. Additionally, over the last 15 years we are seeing about 5% less given overall   So, while a decline in donations through the pandemic and early recovery stages is not surprise, the significance of over a billion dollars per year being withdrawn from the sector provides a serious nudge to the momentum of the long-term trend we've been seeing across the last few decades.

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Both Ends of the Candle: Why burnout matters to your nonprofit

April 14, 2022: Mike Grogan, IntegralOrg President and CEO, talks about the current trend of burnout and what we can do about it.

In the nonprofit world, we are used to dealing with ups and downs in funding – and we have developed mechanisms to adapt to those dynamics. We do more with less, we work a little harder, we dig deeper, we make cuts here or there. But these coping mechanisms are perhaps the exact opposite of what we need to do when we talk about staff mental health and wellbeing. Until the pandemic, staff burnout was probably not an issue that as nonprofit organizations we thought we needed to develop coping mechanisms for. But today we’re starting to see data indicate that this is a significant issue for our organizations and our ability to fulfill our missions. Watch the video to find out more. Or, read the full article on LinkedIn.


Put Your Trust in Us? Why trust matters to your nonprofit

March 16, 2022: Mike Grogan provides insights on the importance of trust, why the level of trust in nonprofit organizations isn't what it once was, and what we can do about it.

Trust is being challenged overall in society and nonprofits are not immune. However, the bedrock of nonprofits and charities is that we are built on trust and that we operate in a trust relationship with clients, donors, and other stakeholders. Watch the video to find out more. Or read the article on LinkedIn.


It’s Getting Pricey Out There: Why inflation matters to your nonprofit

March 3, 2022: In this first installment, Mike Grogan provides insights on how inflation affects nonprofits and how you can mitigate its effects on your nonprofit organization.

It doesn’t take much more than a trip to the gas station or supermarket to really be struck by how much prices have increased in the past few months. A trend that is certainly headline news these days and impacts almost every aspect of nonprofit operation, is one that we rarely talk about in nonprofit circles. Last week the latest Inflation numbers were released with the news that inflation has hit a 30-year high in Canada and in Alberta, with a 4.8% year over year (ATB, 2022).  Watch the video to find out more! Full article is on LinkedIn.