Lobbying Toolkit

Lobbying by Nonprofits and Charities: What Nonprofits and Charities Need to Know when Lobbying across Canada


Many nonprofits and charities in Canada are involved in lobbying – some without even knowing it!

Lobbying in Canada as a nonprofit or charity  –  and being compliant with lobbying legislation – can be complicated because each jurisdiction in Canada – federal, provincial, or territorial – has its own lobbying legislation, requirements, and exemptions.

However, it is vital for nonprofits and charities to be certain that they understand lobbying, what activities are considered lobbying, and how to be compliant with lobbying laws - including registering as a lobbyist. Not being compliant can cause significant consequences for your organization, such as fines, imprisonment, and prohibitions from lobbying.

This Toolkit will help you learn what lobbying is and what your organization must do to be compliant with lobbying laws.

The Toolkit contains

  • an educational video with basic information about lobbying and lobbying legislation
  • a series of documents that summarize relevant legislation for each jurisdiction in Canada 

IntegralOrg would like to acknowledge the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Law for the Future Fund for providing funding for the preparation of this Toolkit.


Lobbying Video

This 15-minute video will take you through the basics of lobbying, lobbying legislation, public office holders, registering as a lobbyist, grassroots lobbying, differences in legislation in the various jurisdictions in Canada, and more.

Lobbying Documents

As part of the Lobbying Toolkit, we have prepared some helpful documents: 

1. Lobbying Chart: Lobbying in Canada by Jurisdiction: A Summary of Some Information Relevant to Nonprofits (NPs) and Charities (pdf)

2. Links to Information on Lobbying for Jurisdictions in Canada  (pdf)

3. A summary of some of the relevant legislation for each jurisdiction in Canada.

Alberta (pdf)

British Columbia (pdf)

Manitoba (pdf)

New Brunswick (pdf)

Newfoundland and Labrador (pdf)

Nova Scotia (pdf)

Ontario (pdf)

Prince Edward Island (pdf)

Quebec (pdf)

Saskatchewan (pdf)

Yukon (pdf)

Canada/Federal (pdf)

Nunavut and Northwest Territories: currently have no Lobbying Act.