IntegralOrg creates practical toolkits to help your organization thrive.


Risk Management Toolkit

IntegralOrg's Risk Management Toolkit is a new resource that helps your nonprofit organization assess its capacity to manage risk through a series of quizzes and a risk management dashboard customized to your organization.  

The toolkit allows you to assess your organization's capacity to manage risk in such categories as: Staff & Volunteer Risk; Financial & Funding Risk; External & Reputation Risk; Operational & Program Risk; Governance Risk; Legal & Compliance Risk; and Strategic Risk.

Each completed quiz generates an indicator on your organization’s dashboard along with a written description of results in that category. The customized dashboard supports the risk management champions in your organization to track and monitor their progress in the development of best practices and proactive strategies within major categories of risk. Overall gauges in Policy, Compliance, and Skills & Competency are influenced by answers across all risk categories.

In addition to the questions and results, the toolkit contains definitions of key terms and legislation, as well as recommendations and resources that will help your organization continue its risk management journey.


Social Enterprise Legal Structures Toolkit

IntegralOrg has launched the Social Enterprise Legal Structures Toolkit to guide Alberta organizations and entrepreneurs interested in developing a social enterprise through the decision-making process of selecting a legal structure.

Because there are numerous risks involved in social enterprise, it is important that your organization starts the right way, with a full understanding of the legal and regulatory environment.  Through this assessment, you will be guided through a series of questions about what kind of organization you have, how it is structured, and what you want to accomplish through your social enterprise. Your answers will bring you to a result - a suggested legal structure.

In addition to the assessment, the toolkit contains definitions of key terms, case studies, and resources to assist with your understanding of important concepts and deepen your educational experience.


Critical Conversations Toolkit

Critical Conversations Toolkit

Making plans of any sort is challenging in a world of change and uncertainty. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is time for nonprofit leaders and leadership teams to make time for a variety of conversations about areas of critical importance to ongoing sustainability.

This toolkit is based on our fundamental belief that conversations are of critical importance to ongoing organizational sustainability and are a necessary, inclusive, creative, and thought-provoking style of working together.

The goal of this toolkit is to help staff and board leaders of nonprofit organizations better understand their current and anticipated capacity to deliver services and their place in the sectoral landscape. In the toolkit are a context-setting thought piece, tips for holding critical conversations, and five downloadable questions sets in the vital areas of Health and Safety, the Changed Nature of Our Workplaces, Funding and Finance, Governance, and Program Sustainability.


Vaccination Policies Toolkit

Vaccination Policies for Nonprofit Employers 

As more Albertans receive their COVID-19 vaccinations and return to the office, nonprofit employers must be clear on their responsibilities and obligations and put policies in place to protect their organizations, employees, and volunteers.

This toolkit contains a Q and A document that addresses from a legal perspective the most common questions asked by nonprofit employers about vaccinations.

Also part of the toolkit is a recorded webinar from June 2021 that provides legal perspectives on the occupational health and safety obligations of nonprofit employers with regards to COVID-19 and the employment and privacy implications of various vaccination policies. 


Lobbying Toolkit

Lobbying by Nonprofits and Charities: What Nonprofits and Charities Need to Know when Lobbying across Canada

Learn what lobbying is and what your organization must do to be compliant with lobbying laws. This toolkit contains

  • an educational video with basic information about lobbying and lobbying legislation
  • a series of documents that summarize relevant legislation for each jurisdiction in Canada 


Alberta OHS Toolkit

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Toolkit

Learn about recent updates to Alberta OHS legislation and what your orgranization must have in place to ensure a safe workplace. 

  • an interactive learning video
  • sample templates to help your organization get on the right track for OHS processes and policies

Additional helpful resources

COVID-19 Recovery Checklist for Nonprofits and Charities

This checklist assists nonprofit organizations to identify current and future needs in the recovery phase.

The checklist has three sections:

  • The Recovery Pathways will help frame possible futures for your organization.
  • The Checklist allows your organization to assess current and expected organizational capacities and identify areas for development.
  • The Resource Bank provides relevant resources and supports that can be used to increase the capacity and preparedness of your organization in key governance and operational areas.


Legal Considerations for Nonprofits: Changes to Work and Workplace Related to COVID-19

This series of tip sheets provides food for thought from a legal perspective on what to think about and do for a healthy organizational recovery. 

  • Corporate Governance: Are fully virtual meetings are permitted for your organization? What is the latest information about delaying AGMs? What do you need to consider before your organization holds a meeting? Do you still have to file an annual return?
  • Privacy: What are your privacy obligations as an employer? How do you operate safely while maintaining the privacy of your employees and clients? Can you perform health checks?
  • Force Majeure: “Force Majeure” means unforeseeable circumstances that prevent the fulfilling of a contract. Do your contracts have a force majeure clause? What should you do if they do – or don’t? What can you do if your organization faces challenges fulfilling contractual obligations?
  • Director Duties: Are your organization's directors fully aware of their responsibilities to protect and steward the organization in both times of stability and crisis? What are liabilities and risks that should be considered?
  • Commercial Leasing: Does your organization lease property for programs or administration? What are some financial and protection options for leasing? Can you engage in rental negotiations with the landlord? Have you communicated with the landlord about access limitations or health measures like signage, hand sanitizer and sanitizing.