COVID-19 Response


IntegralOrg is here for you!

If you have questions or pressing needs related to managing your organization in these trying times and into the future, please connect via email or our Contact Us form. 


COVID-19 Recovery Checklist for Nonprofits and Charities

Leading your organization forward will require many choices and actions based on an understanding of the evolving external environment and the internal capacity and preparedness of your staff, Board, and volunteers. This COVID-19 Recovery Checklist for Nonprofits and Charities has been developed by IntegralOrg to assist nonprofit organizations in identifying current and future needs in the recovery phase. 


Resources for you!

IntegralOrg is working with partners in the Alberta nonprofit sector to build resources to help nonprofits and charities to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Resource Kit for Nonprofit and Charitable Employers

This resource kit was built in partnership with Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations and FuseSocial.


Blogs to help your organization prepare for the future

Blog: In Times of Change: The nonprofit shift from response to recovery

Blog: Embracing Crisis with Discipline

Blog: Alberta Nonprofits, COVID-19, and AGMs

Blog: Pandemic Pivot: Engaging social entrepreneurship to adapt in a time of crisis

Blog: Getting Together: What Alberta nonprofits need to know about the legal aspects of amalgamation, merger, and consolidation


Resource List for Nonprofits and Charities

A list of resources relevant to nonprofits and charities.